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The Minnesota Internship Center Charter (MNIC) School Board is a group of deeply committed persons. We have been serving students since 2002, and our Board represents our communities, staff and family. The Board approves policy matters and the budget of MNIC. MNIC has a waiver from the Minnesota Department of Education to have a Board without a teacher majority because of the strong commitment to community.
Lottery Information: Per Minnesota statute 124d.10, subdivision 9, Minnesota Internship Center Charter School enrolls pupils who submit an application by our yearly deadline, unless the number of applications exceeds the capacity of a program, class, grade level, or building. In this case, pupils are accepted by a lottery. We may give enrollment preference to a sibling of an enrolled pupil and to a foster child of that pupil’s parents and may give preference for enrolling children of the school’s staff before accepting other pupils by lottery.
Additional Information: MNIC works with students from many residential school districts, but does not have any formal collaborative agreements. MNIC employees are eligible for group health insurance benefits through the State of Minnesota’s PEIP plan. MNIC does not currently have a building company.
MN Health Care Programs: Click Here for information on enrolling in Minnesota Health Care Programs.
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If you have a questions about Board Approved Documents or would like to request documents that are not listed on the website, please contact [email protected].


School Board Roster

Name Position Email Address Affiliation
Tracy Eberlein Chair [email protected] Teacher
Aaron Stinar Vice-Chair [email protected] Teacher
Jodi Grisdale Secretary [email protected] Teacher
Paul Eaton Treasurer [email protected] Teacher
Maya Harris Board Member [email protected] Community Member
Open Position Board Member ---- Community Member
Michael Peterson Board Member [email protected] Parent
Reginal Womack Ex Officio [email protected] Executive Director

MNIC Building Company

Board & Officers
Paul Eaton, Director, Chair, President/CEO
Aaron Stinar, Director, Treasurer/CFO
Joseph Billings, Director, Vice-Chair, Secretary
Reginal Womack, Assistant Treasurer
The MNIC Building Company Board meets quarterly on an as-needed basis in October, January, April, and July immediately following the adjournment of the MNIC School Board meeting for that month.