The Minnesota Internship Center (MNIC) is a public charter high school that targets young people who have not been successful in other schools. We focus on their academic, career and other important life goals. Career-building internships and jobs are a big part of what we do. Last year, MNIC students earned over $800,000 in competitive jobs while they  earned their diplomas!

MNIC has four school sites in Minneapolis and St. Paul that offer you a great way to get your real high school diploma extensive tutorial services at all sites, as well as graduation standard-based classes and individualized programs. We have had over 1300 graduates since 2003! Read the testimonials!

We use  iPhones as part of an innovative educations experience at MNIC. The iPhones are used in class and out, and students with good attendance can receive iPhones fo their home use as well. This program is another MNIC first. Read more about the iPhone 5C program...We also have food, clothing and housing assistance onsite--and employment and job training opportunities for students and their families.


Registering now for Fall! Call now to register or to take a tour! (612) 584-0170.

MNIC has awarded over 1.000  high school diplomas since 2003!
The first iPhone-for-students school in the U.S.

MNIC--it’s more than a school!!!

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MNIC has changed my life in so many ways. I am a better person because of the love and caring people at MNIC. I don’t know what I would have done without MNIC. I wouldn’t have wanted to graduate from any other school”

                                                                                                     —Angela, A   Spring 2013 MNIC graduate                                                                   


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